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PowerGum Machine as seen in Virology Center

PowerGums are a feature in Project 115 - A New Threat and are returning to Project 115 - Despair. PowerGums appear in all maps and the Campaign. The PowerGum Machine will dispense one gumball for 1250 points.

Overview Edit

PowerGums give players bonuses or abilities to help in Survival and Campaign. PowerGums do not appear in Arcade Mode however and certain PowerGums do not appear in the Campaign. In the Campaign, the player must purchase them using Mystic Orbs. The cost of a gum depends on what effect it gives the player. For example, a PowerGum that grants unlimited ammo will cost more than a PowerGum that allows the player to run faster. Some PowerGums have multiple uses. Upon possession of a PowerGum, the player can activate the gum at any point during gameplay.

Abilities Edit

The following PowerGums are listed from the amount of times you can use it

  • Hidden Hero: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Enemy Projectiles Become Inaccurate.
  • Quick Pace: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Gain A Speed Boost.
  • Out Of Sight: (1x Use, 20 Seconds) Enemies Ignore You. (Frightener In Campaign)
  • Vampirism: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Regenerate Health By Damaging Enemies.
  • Firing Twofold: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Double Your Weapons Fire Rate. (Not In Campaign)
  • Kill Joy: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Double Your Weapons Damage.
  • Walking Tank: (1x Use, 40 Seconds) Damage Taken Is Reduced.
  • Reinstitute: (1x Use) Teleport To Your Spawn Point. (Not In Campaign)
  • Limitless Clip: (1x Use, 1 Minute) Open Fire With Unlimited Ammo.
  • Frozen In Time: (2x Use) Spawn A Time Freeze Power Up. (Not In Campaign)
  • Replenished Arsenal: (2x Use) Spawn A Max Ammo Power Up. (Not In Campaign)
  • Death Upon Them: (2x Use) Spawn A Nuke Power Up. (Not In Campaign)

Project 115 - Despair PowerGums Edit

Some PowerGums from A New Threat are returning, but with different names and more uses and/or extended time.

  • Swift Death: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Max Damage To All Enemies.
  • Concealed Fighter: (2x Use, 30 Seconds Each) Enemy Accuracy Becomes Diminished.
  • Out Of Sight: (2x Use, 20 Seconds Each) All Enemies Ignore You.
  • Limitless Clip: (1x Use, 2 Minutes) Unlimited Ammo.
  • Quick Pace: (3x Use, 30 Seconds Each) Gain A Speed Boost.
  • Gelid Time And Death (2x use, 20 Seconds Each) Freeze All Enemies.
  • Walking Tank: (2x Use, 30 Seconds Each) All Damage Dealt Is Reduced To 1.5.
  • Spring Boost: (3x Use, 30 Seconds Each) Jump Height Increased 4x
  • Trigger Happy (1x Use, Lasts 1 Minute) Double Your Weapons Fire Rate.
  • Reinstitute (1x Use) Teleport To Your Spawn Point.
  • Vampirism: (1x Use, 30 Seconds) Regenerate Health By Damaging Enemies.
  • Lights On (2x Use, 1 Minute Each) Entire Map Brightens Up.

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